5 Speech Bubble Emojis to Express Your Thoughts Coherently

5 Speech Bubble Emojis to Express Your Thoughts Coherently
by James Madison 06/05/2022

What matters most is how you say it and not what you say - you must have heard it (or something similar to it) a googillion times already. If you want to use strong words, you need to use a convincing tone. It’s more on the kind of tone or intonation that you use to convince the other party.

However, it won’t be easy if you are chatting online or sending text messages. The other party can’t hear your tone. The recipient of the message may take it in the wrong way. He won’t be able to tell if you are truly angry, just trying to make a point, or just want them to know something. It is during such times that the speech bubble comes in handy.

In a face-to-face conversation or video chat, it is easy to correct someone if that person misinterpreted what you said. However, it is not the same when it comes to an online conversation without using the video. You need to be careful when expressing something online and make sure that the other party understands the things that you are telling him. Take note that anything that’s not carried out in person is subject to interpretation, which may not always be correct or not a part of the original intention. It may lead to misunderstandings.

To avoid any misunderstandings, adding a speech bubble in your online exchange or content can help a lot. Your messages, comments, captions, or similar missives must be clear, especially when they are made public and bound to reach many people. These symbols or icons can help affirm the message’s true intent.

To avoid unnecessary retorts and hate in exchange for expressing your views on social media and other platforms, don’t hesitate to use speech bubbles or balloons to express the true meaning of your words.

💬 Speech Balloon

Those who belong to the “texting” generation use the 💬 Speech Balloon symbol to signify chatting or texting. The dots imply that someone is typing his/her message. It may also imply that the person has something to say.

This emoji also signifies casual talks that don’t involve drama. It shows that all the participants are equally reasonable. The unapproachable person will likely stick out like a sore thumb.

You can use the 💬 Speech Balloon emoji in something similar to the following:

- We’re just having casual talk. Everyone chill out

- She’s typing something

- If you ask me , I can’t see anything wrong with her answer.

👁️‍🗨️ Eye In Speech Bubble

The image or icon of the 👁️‍🗨️ Eye In Speech Bubble represents the campaign for anti-bullying. It can also signify the sense of being a witness. This particular emoji could insinuate awareness, which means being conscious, awake, or roused.

Talks that are not meant to fuss over nothing, contexts that command a particular level of awareness, and anything that’s against pep talk may use this emoji. The eye in the icon is the personification of self-awareness.

You can use the 👁️‍🗨️ Eye In Speech Bubble emoji in something similar to the following:

- Whoa, filter what you say a bit before you post

- Could you listen to what you’re saying first?

- Unfortunately, self-awareness seems to be lacking

- Please, I only need answers gathered from a place of awareness

🗨 Left Speech Bubble

The icon used in this speech bubble emoji suggests a state of blankness or empty talk. It is used to signify nothing much and can be an ideal response to small talk. It evokes an uncomfortable virtual vibe, disconnection, and indifference.

There is also a possibility that the icon signifies thought processing. It’s like when you present an image of an empty conversational forefront, while your mind is busy thinking about something and processing that thought in the backend.

This type of speech bubble could also convey that you are open to discussions, opinions, ideas, and others. It can be an invitation that welcomes the other party’s interpretation of the subject being discussed.

You can use the 🗨 Left Speech Bubble emoji in something similar to the following:

- I have no idea what to say

- To be frank, I’m really lost for words

- Hey , what are you busy with?

- This is just me talking. I’d like to know what you guys think

🗯 Right Angry Bubble

Sometimes, the name of the speech bubble says it all.

Everybody rants. You may choose to do it with someone you are close with or on your social media platform to let your followers know of your frustrations. You may even take your rant and anger to the comments section.

People usually exert extra effort to convey their exact ideas and thoughts across virtual contexts. If you are angry, let them know that you are. If you’re fine with it, you also need to show it. Nothing good comes from saying things that you don’t really mean or being misunderstood for expressing your honest opinion.

You can use the 🗯 Right Angry Bubble emoji in something similar to the following:

- Does nobody care what the person has to go through because of a bad joke?!

- What is this?! People are spouting nonsense again!

- How in the world can it make a woman feel more relaxed?!! It will only torture her, relax my foot!

💭 Thought Balloon

If you intend to send your “thoughts” across or simply want to ask for others’ opinions on the matter, the thought bubble emoji can help you with this matter. If you want a safe way to let opinions be heard, start with expressing your thoughts on the matter. In a place and time when people are quick to judge, it is easier and safer to open a discussion with “I suppose” or “In my opinion” than to start with the actual idea or thought right away.

You can use the thought bubble emoji in something similar to the following:

- In my opinion, everyone should first hear both sides of the story

- Most women fight for equality, but use the weaker gender reason to win the judge’s favor – thoughts?

- I guess in a fight between a man and woman, some women put a lot of effort to play the victim when in reality it’s the other way around, what do you think?

Expression is crucial to our day-to-day lives. It becomes a mandatory drive for you and everyone else to express what you feel, tell your ideas, voice out your opinions, and share your thoughts. It does not necessarily mean letting the whole world know, but a smaller crowd of listeners or friends will suffice.

In the online community, however, a single action or thought on certain matters can be replicated time and again until most people on that platform know about it. The issue will only disappear once the content has become unrecognizable due to misinterpretation.

It is important to express what’s on your mind and it is equally vital to express it correctly. The speech bubble emojis can help a lot in creating that opportunity.