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🐯 Tiger Face Emoji

The Tiger Face emoji 🐯 depicts the face of a tiger with orange fur and black stripes. It is commonly used to discuss real, fictional, and metaphorical tigers.
The emoji is also often used to refer to things named after tigers, such as sports teams. The Tiger Face emoji 🐯 may also be used to refer to the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, especially if the current year or a person’s birth year is the Year of the Tiger.
The usage of the Tiger Face emoji 🐯 overlaps heavily with the Tiger emoji πŸ…, and the two may be used together.

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Basic Information



Shortcode :tiger:
Full Name Tiger Face
Codepoint 1F42F
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%90%AF
Unicode Version U+1F42F
Emoji Version Version 1.0
Category Animals & Nature
Sub Category Animal Mammal
Keywords Tiger Face emoji

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